Francisco is a true "alfacinha" (meaning "little lettuce", the name given to someone who is born and raised in Lisbon).

He studied marketing and advertising and worked for 20 years in that field, but during that time also fell in love by theatre and storytelling and now is a professional actor and storyteller.

Wether being on stage or on the streets, he loves to tell a story. A good story. And Lisbon is full of them. One of the things he enjoys the most is to see that spark in the eyes of his audience. when that happens it means he has done a good job. Fortunately, it happens all the time.



Passionate for travelling and meeting people, Inês likes the experience of sharing cultures. That’s why she’s joining the team. She was born and raised in the suburbs of Lisbon. She graduated in theatre in Porto, volunteered in Estonia and became an actress, guide, teacher and animator back in Lisbon. She lived in one of the typical and historical neighborhoods of Lisbon and nowadays she lives closer to the beach. Between suburbs, historical neighborhoods, downtown and beach, she knows something about every part of the city, and still she also knows there’s so much to discover. She’s looking forward to do that with you and spread her love for Lisbon. If you feel her voice is sharp as a cartoon character, make no mistake, it really is and she really does voice acting.

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João was born in Almada, right across the river Tejo. From there he used to see Lisbon bright and dreamful. That view created a strong will to go and explore it. As soon as he could, he began to cross the river to adventure himself through the alleys of the capital. João has been always eager to test his limits and take new challenges. As a young lad, he joined a theatre group that brought up his creativity and imagination. Theatre became something he can't leave up till today. At twenty-three he has already experienced living in opposite worlds. He lived in the order of Copenhagen and later in the chaos of Bogota. Those were probably the greatest solo adventures of his life and the ones which taught him the most. After experiencing the extremes, he comes back to Lisbon where he finds the perfect balance in between the two. You might find him biking through the streets of Lisbon still looking for the hidden corners. Once you come, you will hear wonders about them from him.



Cláudia loves tour guiding, walking around sunny Lisbon and discover new stories every day. When she's not tour guiding she loves to swim (in fact she is a certified lifeguard) and to sing (well... this also happens sometimes during the tours). She has a degree in Tourism and post-graduation in Tour Guidding. 


Born in Lisbon but raised by the sea, Margarida has always been fascinated by the city and country that saw her born.

The taste for art has followed her since she was a child and she ended up studying Art History in University. Works with museums and monuments and faces the streets of Lisbon as if it were a museum, for her is impossible to fully understand a city without knowing its roots, history and people.

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